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Union calls for improvements in law for the bargaining unit – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          union demonstration on May 1



the last word on the bargaining unit law adopted in the Bundestag has not yet spoken for the Union. Union Group Vice Michael Fuchs (CDU) wants to rectify it as soon as possible, he said the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “We have the collective bargaining a piece strengthened far. But the law will not prevent hard labor disputes, as we have seen in recent weeks, “said Fuchs.


of power sector unions should be restricted


The controversial Law on the bargaining unit had cleared the last hurdle in parliament on Friday. By law, the power of small craft unions should be curbed. If two unions represent the same categories of workers in an establishment, only the future of the collective agreement of the union is valid with the most members in the operation.


Fuchs announced talks with the SPD on further steps. He considered it imperative that will introduce a 48-hour notice period for strikes for strategic enterprises such as rail, he told the newspaper. It was necessary also a statutory conciliation attempt after the second round of strikes. “We must not allow that wage disputes lead to serious damage for Germany”


lawsuits against the law

The small unions want to act quickly and with many complaints against the tariff law of unity. “We will file a complaint to the Constitutional Court as soon as the bargaining unit is in the Official Gazette”, said the head of the doctors’ union Marburger Bund, Rudolf Henke, who in “Rheinische Post”. The Civil Service Association announced on July a lawsuit on.


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“I firmly reckon with the fact that a number of statements of claim is received by the Constitutional Court,” Klaus Dauderstädt said , Chief of the Staff Bunds. One would consult with other unions like the Marburger Bund and the Vereinigung Cockpit: “At the end but there will be separate actions.” For the pilots’ association Cockpit former Interior Minister Gerhart Baum (FDP) will prepare the application



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Since early Wednesday morning, the union GDL train drivers strike now also passenger traffic. The train driver had started their strike on Tuesday and now ninth, first let the rest work in the cargo area. The new round of strikes is unlimited More

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Union urges improvements in law for collective unit

The adopted on Friday the law is once again up for debate: In the most important companies like the train, it is for example, notice period for strikes give, urges the Union faction chairman Fuchs.

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