Friday, May 29, 2015

Higher wage rates – German can spend more money – Sü

  • payscale in Germany can partly appreciate significantly higher wages. Depending on the industry, wages rose by as much as five percent.
  • At the same time, inflation remained low. Bottom line, the employees have so a higher purchasing power.

wage rates rise, inflation stagnated

The wage rates in Germany rose sharply at the beginning. Compared to the first three months of 2014 they laid from January to March by 2.7 percent. This was announced by the Federal Statistical Office with

Consumer prices remained virtually unchanged during this period -. So benefit the workers of a stronger purchasing power. Statisticians also considered special payments. Excluding one-time payments or tariff payments, the increase was still 2.4 percent.


low income Go yet

Exceptions to the minimum wage must for hairdressers, dustmen or contract workers to be a disadvantage. More and more low-wage workers earning more than € 8.50 per hour. analysis

differences in the industries

But there are big differences between the sectors, as the statisticians declared. Most wages rose accordingly in the first three months with almost five per cent in the mining industry -. Reason therefore was a one-off payment of 600 euros in March in the coal industry

In the hospitality industry, wages rose also above average by 3.4 per cent – here the introduction of the minimum wage had a reportedly made in January. Significantly lower wage rates increased according to statistics in the retail sector – there was only the plus 0.5 percent -. Or in aviation with 0.4 percent


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