Tuesday, May 26, 2015

“Handelsblatt” – EU checks minimum tax for companies – Reuters Germany


Berlin (Reuters) – The EU Commission is a newspaper report that the introduction of a minimum tax on companies.


The Commission was considering Europe to prescribe a common lower limit of the corporation, told the “Handelsblatt” on Tuesday. On Wednesday President Jean-Claude Juncker wanted to debate with its 27 Commissioners on the future corporate taxation in Europe. Here also the subject of minimum tax will play a role, it said in the newspaper, citing EU circles. The corporation is payable by corporations such as joint-stock companies and limited liability companies,.


“Germany and France require a minimum threshold. We are responding,” the newspaper quoted Commission circles in Brussels. Until now stand in the debate on corporate taxation within the EU the harmonization of the tax base in the foreground. Interventions in the tax rates are opposed to the majority of the Member Countries. “Under the influence of Luxleaks affair but a rethinking has now apparently used” it said in the newspaper report. Last year became known that Luxembourg had lured foreign companies with the assurance of tax benefits to the country. This sparked a discussion about unfair taxation practices.


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