Friday, May 29, 2015

Apple wants to combine the real and the digital – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          With the help of Augmented Reality could be in the future some simulate on your phone – for example, how the new sofa would look in your living room .



Apple has bought the German software company Metaio that specializes on combining views of the real world with digital information. The technical term for this is “augmented reality”. In previous Metaio applications a user could simulate, for example on the smartphone, such as pieces of furniture would look in his apartment.


The iPhone Group commented speculation about the acquisition on Thursday evening with his usual for acquisitions formulation: “Apple buys from time to time smaller technology companies.” Previously, a register extract had appeared on the Internet, in the listed Apple as Metaio partner was.


Metaio from Munich, is a leader in the Augmented Reality. This additional information will be displayed on items on the screen, after they had been captured by the camera for example. Metaio continued to projects, among others for the carmaker Ferrari and the furniture chain Ikea. Apple could use the software, for example, in its mapping service – or in the future for all new mobile devices


A year ago Metaio also questioned the idea before, expand touch-screen operation on the real world. For this is a special camera to register the heat that leaves a finger on an item. Certain software may derive different actions.


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Also, Apple’s rivals are working on concepts for Augmented Reality. So, Microsoft recently the data goggles Hololense before, with the user for a virtual objects can be shown that interact with the real environment. In test examples about virtual balls were seen, who stopped when they encountered obstacles in the real environment.


Apple bought in the past year and a half, 27 companies as CEO Tim Cook said recently. The acquisitions are often so long kept secret, it goes. Some of the companies disappear from the market and its products are integrated into Apple services. Others, like the headphones Beats provider remain present with its own brand. In Metaio it says on the website that no new business would be adopted more and previously acquired software products may still be downloaded until 15 December.



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software startup bought

Apple wants real and digital connect

simulate very quickly on your smartphone, such as the new sofa would look in your living room – which can Software for the so-called “augmented reality”. For now Apple also interested. And buy a Munich start-up company.

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