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Greece – It’s about being right, it’s about pride – Sü

Greece – It's about being right, it's about pride – Sü

This was an agreement with sorrow and distress, a negotiation with downright belligerent tone. It is in the Greek debt crisis far more than billions. Therefore, all stakeholders should quickly come down from their high horse.

Comment by Christiane Schlötzer

This was an agreement with sorrow and distress, by hook or by crook. Often you can not make it. Came about the compromise between the Euro group and Greece only in the face of an imminent disaster. It would have been the bust can imagine, when Athens would run out of money in a few days for teachers, financial officers, border guards, nurses, for oil and gas. In Europe, there was such a thing only in times of war.

Such a misfortune could possibly want, who wants to punish the Greeks that they have so long elected politicians, which was his own shirt detail as the future of their home. There are quite Greeks who longed for the chaos, because they believe only after the total collapse of the country could be rebuilt. Or simple because they have saved millions abroad, with which the great make a killing would, if the policy has given power to the road. The visions are to be feared.

Lost without agreement had also been so generous lender Greece. Only Germany would have had to write off 60 billion euros, Italy almost 40. A waiver, wherein each of Finance takes Erklärungsnot. Now, one can argue Athens’ll never settle his debts anyway, so the loss was anyway to accept. But this is by no means certain. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis waived in his letter to the Euro-group on the demand for a haircut. Instead, he has fallen in line conservative predecessor, which the Euro-Partner 2012 already made hopes for relief from interest and principal. For those over Varoufakis likely to be beaten at home yet.

But the tedious agreement of Brussels has far beyond the current case. Helmut Kohl, who liked the big picture had in view, comes a reminder that among themselves still valid in the proportion of European peoples. In dealing with smaller nations it has always been important to him, not to hurt their pride. Is small in the sense Kohl’schen certainly also Greece.

The word rendered pride, actually an old-fashioned term for political business, has recently again career. Alexis Tsipras, 40 years young and as head of government still an apprentice, it scatters so generous in his speeches a like a love cooking salt in the soup. Pride, so Tsipras, the Greeks could be because they now have a government that is fighting for their cause -. Even to its setting

You can these heroic pathos frivolous or absurd find, given the dramatic situation. But politics is just a matter of feeling, which knows Angela Merkel in the tenth year of her chancellorship as well as the four-week Premier Tsipras. To the feeling melange of many Greeks but are now times rage and disappointment. The anger is directed to the own politicians who like hunched in Brussels and Berlin, but at home only once again their friends rich and the state arm made.

The disappointment was aimed least to Europe, especially in Germany. In Greece it is convinced that Wolfgang Schäuble and Merkel have the last word in Europe. And Europe, it is said in Athens the common man on the street, tried to save the ‘Greeks without the Greeks “. By saving dictations and reform decrees. In the disappointment still mingled despair that all the victims were in vain, when nothing but bankruptcy remains. It was the hopelessness of castaways who fear that the boat on the horizon is not the way to her rescue

However:. The rescuers were disappointed of Athens. She had to admit that Greece, despite the most expensive bailout since the introduction of the euro is no new aid from ruin; that the desolate state turns out to be extremely difficult to reform in the extreme south of Europe. And they were outraged by the wet investigate Athenian Treasury Yanis Varoufakis. In Berlin they held the man for a subtle fine writer and Athens offer a Trojan horse.

In its belly talked according to Greek mythology known hidden soldiers who stormed Troy. With deceit and deception. The exchange of words between Athens and Berlin had recently adopted a downright belligerent tone that fits poorly to Europe. Since it was no longer only billions, but also all too human: for justice have about. So also about pride.

The euro was once supposed to be more than money, it should be a Europe. If Greece now fallen out of the composite, it would have been that this idea was false evidence – Helmut Kohl would have been refuted. A sad end for the vision of a prosperous coexistence of both adults and children in Europe. So it was good that all parties are last but not run down from their high horse.

Much of what has been said in this week, was not helpful. As was taktiert and intrigued. Trust can not do so. At the last minute compromise nobody can therefore be really proud of. To Triumph howling particularly Tsipras and his comrades have no reason. Greece has now given a second chance, and the new government a quasi just four months-long trial period. You should use it quickly and do what their predecessors failed.

emergency meeting on the debt crisis have Brussels and Athens agreed

Four months Air: Aid to Greece will be extended for the time being, Athens gets more leeway in reforms – and discusses obligations. What the agreement means and how it goes now. Analysis

You have to ask the cashier and ensure a functioning legal state, the wealthy at last. You must take responsibility for the necessary curing the State Rehabilitation and this must not shirk on the euro partners. You can not simply turn back all the austerity measures and timid reforms of predecessors, Greece can not afford this. All this would be an ambitious program which Tsipras merits could acquire his land. It is well Athens last chance to avert the disaster.


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