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+++ +++ Greece crisis: How Greece will now 7 billion euros … – ABC Online

+++ +++ Greece crisis: How Greece will now 7 billion euros … – ABC Online

Updated on Monday, 02.23.2015, 07:56
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Just before deadline is Greece and the euro-partners have agreed in debt dispute. The utility is extended by four months. Athens must submit a reform in return list. What if that does not fit the creditors?

  • utility is to be extended by four months
  • Greece must on Monday reform list present
  • CSU shoots across

07.56 Clock: The agreement in the debt dispute between Greece and its European partners is likely to push the DAX, according to stockbrokers on Monday. On Wall Street, it was gone uphill on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.9 percent, the S & amp; P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite moved each 0.6 percent. The Dax was 0.4 percent stronger closed at 11,050 meters

07.07 clock. The Greek government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras presented to the euro zone on Monday the much awaited list of their reforms. “Bild” newspaper reported in its Monday edition, citing government sources in Athens, will bring more than seven billion euros of the reform plan. State Minister Nikos Pappas said in Greek Radio, the plan will make the public service “effective” and “combat tax evasion” the

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Athens press comments: Tsipras does not leave much scope

19.28 Clock: The principle agreement of the euro partners with Greece on Sunday employs the Greek press. In this case, all the commentators are almost unanimous: The left-right government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will not stay much flexibility to implement their campaign promises into action.

“The first showdown tomorrow (presentation of the reform list) – four months red (-er alarm),” headlined the conservative tradition newspaper “Kathimerini”: “Tsipras has a difficult road ahead, he is with his (. must confront the campaign) -Mythen and his right-wing populist coalition partners, “said the paper. Who governs the country and do not work out of the opposition, could soon understand “what it means to go bankrupt and back to return to the drachma”

headlined The weekly newspaper “To Vima”:. “Compromise Honorable. ” Athens had been working for four months because gaining confidence back and lay the foundations for a new growth phase. The party newspaper of the ruling Left Alliance “I Avgi” wrote: “Sovereign land (again)”. Now the government must ensure that “reforms sweep over the land.” The pro-government newspaper “Real News” commented: “For four months in the ICU.” The euro partners now wanted to see reforms.

CSU urges hard line against Greece

17.44 Clock: Before the international review of the Greek reform plans, the CSU is pushing for a hard line against the left-led government in Athens. The deputy head of the CSU group in the Bundestag, Hans Michel Bach, refused on Sunday in February vote in Parliament on an extension of the aid program for Greece. The other parties represented in parliament appeared conciliatory towards Greece

The roadmap for further aid for Greece

15.26 clock. After the agreement in principle of the Euro-Partner in debt dispute with Greece now follow the next steps. An Overview:
Monday, February 23: By the end of the day, the Greek government must submit a list of reforms, with the objectives of the current aid program to be achieved
<. strong> Tuesday, February 24: The donors consider the plans. If they give the green light to an extension of the utility can be formally adopted. In countries such as Germany eventually have to agree with the Parliament
Saturday, Feb. 28. On this day actually the current utility of Europeans running out. If everything goes smoothly, however, it will be extended until 30 June
the end of April. Up to this point, the Greek Government has submitted a final statement of its reform plans. The donors have to agree with him.
30th June: This day is set t o expire, the extended utility. Follow could be a new program

How will Tsipras tax evaders hunt

14.53 clock. The “Bild” newspaper reported the first details from the Greek reform list. Accordingly, Alexis Tsipras wants to make especially hunting tax evaders. Corrupt oligarchs and cigarette smugglers will be reviewed according to the report reinforced by the authorities. Another component of the reform concept is the further privatization in Greece

Greece sent Reform list of creditors

13.27 clock. The Greek government on Sunday, according to media reports, a provisional list sent to reform international donors.

The list went accordingly to the formerly called “troika” designated group of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. These institutions should return the list of comments, said Sunday in several Greek media, citing government sources.

There were a three-page document. The final reform list should then be sent on Monday to the euro group.

A spokeswoman for the European Commission declined to comment on the reports. On Tuesday, the sponsors want to discuss in a conference call, whether an extension of grants for Athens accordance with the submitted plans for reform is possible. Still in the next week, the Bundestag could be involved in the renewal application

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