Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shareholders remain unimpressed: Hewlett-Packard puts sales jump out – NEWS

Shareholders remain unimpressed: Hewlett-Packard puts sales jump out – NEWS


 Thursday, August 21, 2014


 The veteran PC manufacturer Hewlett-Packard shall, after a painful rehabilitation program towards a surprising success. However, the investor does not honor the sales. Because the increased sales demonstrate no change in trend.



The IT-traditional company Hewlett-Packard has more notebooks and PCs sold than expected. The investors in the US-based company, however, react behave. In the third quarter until the end of July, the Group recorded a sales increase year on year by 1.3 percent to 27.6 billion dollars (20.8 billion euros), as shown in the financial report of the company.

Although the expectations were Wall Street analysts, slightly exceeded, the stock remained in negative territory after trading hours. One possible reason: The net profit for HP dropped significantly, from $ 1.27 billion in the prior year period to $ 985 million. “Overall I am very pleased with the progress we are making,” said group chief Meg Whitman.

HP had missed the connection in smartphones and tablet computers and with an unclear course also customers in the traditional PC Business alienated. The reigning for almost three years, Whitman seeks damage control. Recently they had their power in the group can still expand. In mid-July the HP chief was also Chairman of the top corporate body, the Board of Directors.

success, especially in the core business

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Whitman HP took over in a difficult time. Quarrels in management, expensive mistakes, a suspected fraud case and not least the failure of the PC sales had the company added. HP lost its market leadership in the PC business to Chinese rival Lenovo. Whitman replied with a reorganization plan, which is characterized by massive job cuts. Up to 50,000 people have to go -. Although about one in six

The quarterly report shows successes to slow the descent – but scored HP mainly in classic lines. Business with PCs drew last significantly. Sales to corporate customers rose in the three months to the end of July by 12 percent. For private consumers, the revenues increased by 8 percent.



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