Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pilots announce new strike wave in: Lufthansa calls for new talks – NEWS

Pilots announce new strike wave in: Lufthansa calls for new talks – NEWS


 Saturday, August 23, 2014


 In many states are now holiday. Since the announcement of the pilots strike is particularly explosive. However, the Lufthansa she calls talks to – and want to know what they actually require concrete


The Lufthansa has the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) prompted the wage dispute the pilots to return to the negotiating table instead of the threatened strike with concrete proposals. “We do not know exactly what the union for ideas. This is especially true for the transitional care,” said Lufthansa’s Head of Communications Barbara Schaedler.

“cockpit has so far not responded specifically to” Schadler added to . The Group is ready for further talks. However, the union must give a sign, because the cockpit had declared the talks a failure.

background for the labor dispute is a dispute mainly on the transitional pension for the pilots. Therefore, there had been massive flight cancellations in April. After VC details why

Late notice of strike

to be expected “immediately” with strikes. According Schädlers the airline wants in an emergency part of their usual supply again with volunteer pilots lift and managers with a pilot’s license. In April, Lufthansa had held claims to be with around 190 volunteer pilots, including some 100 managers with a pilot’s license about 10 percent of the usual supply upright. In addition, the web special trains had used.

According to the cockpit impending strikes could be announced short-term than in the wave of strikes in April. “At that time, we have to strike 72 hours announced in advance,” said cockpit board member Markus choice. “Now it is also conceivable that we hold this lead time a bit shorter.”

Although could be expected to “immediately” with strikes, Wahl said. But strikes would be announced in advance. “There is no passenger experience at the airport that his flight will not take place. He will have plenty of time to come up with another way to its destination.”



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