Friday, August 22, 2014

Labor dispute – Lufthansa pilots want to strike again – Sü

Labor dispute – Lufthansa pilots want to strike again – Sü

By Jens Flottau

With industrial action must “be expected from now on”: The union of pilots has further strikes decided after wage negotiations have failed with Lufthansa. The exact dates will give it known in advance.

The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) decided at Lufthansa further strikes. Had with industrial action, the union said late Friday, “be expected from now on.” The exact dates of the VC wants to be known in advance. After SZ-information, it is unlikely that there will be a walkout as early as Monday.

The union decided the step after they had declared the tariff negotiations with Lufthansa failed. “Although the employer has terminated our supply collective agreements with Lufthansa and receivables is, we have shown a willingness to compromise. To get in negotiations to solutions, but the need to want both sides. We will now continue to fight against the clear-cutting, the company plans”, said VC President Ilya Schulz.

Lufthansa holds the model for them unaffordable

In the debate is about the transitional care, which had at Lufthansa pilots enables previously, starting at the earliest excrete 55 years out of the air service. Lufthansa maintains the old model that had existed for decades, for no longer financially viable. The airline has therefore the pilots proposed a modified concept

Thus, they have to fly to about 62 years. currently go the pilots with an average of about 59 years in retirement. The transitional provision is intended to bridge the time until the legal retirement. Although the pilots are also able to retire earlier in future, if they want, but then they have to take losses in the supply department, which can comprise up to about 60 percent of their last salary.

Lufthansa urges that newly hired pilots should also participate in the financing. She has already terminated the relevant collective agreements. The pilots went on strike in the spring, while air operations as a result of the longest insurrection in the Lufthansa story almost completely paralyzed for several days.

In recent months, the two sides had tried a solution with the help of a mediator to find. Industry sources said they had already made substantial progress here. However, the new Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr announced recently as part of a broader austerity program that they wanted to outsource even more flights to Airline offshoot.

The VC argues, so several collective agreements were broken. Lufthansa rejects this as inaccurate. The Spohr initiative proposes to transfer more cheap flights on the regional subsidiary Euro Wings. Pilots criticize, taking jobs with good conditions would be replaced by lower-paid and secure jobs. Lufthansa suffers from high costs and strong competition from budget airlines.


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